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Amount after VAT= £ [ (1+(FIELD16/100)) * field1 ]

Amount after VAT= £ [ field1- (field1 * ((FIELD16/100))) ]


What is a VAT Calculator?

A VAT Calculator is a handy online tool that helps you calculate the Value Added Tax (VAT) you need to pay, or the gross price of a product including VAT, based on its net value. These calculators are particularly useful when navigating transactions where VAT is applicable. Simply enter the net price of the good or service, and the calculator will factor in the current VAT rate (which can vary depending on your location) to provide the final price you’ll pay or the amount of VAT you owe.

How to calculate VAT in the UK?

Calculating VAT in the UK is a straightforward process. The current standard VAT rate is 20%. To find the VAT amount, simply multiply the net price of the good or service (excluding VAT) by 20%. For example, if an item costs £100 before VAT, you would calculate the VAT portion by doing 100 x 0.20 = £20. Then, add the VAT amount to the net price to find the final price, which would be £100 + £20 = £120 (including VAT). Remember, some goods and services may have a reduced VAT rate (5%) or be zero-rated (no VAT). Always check the VAT rate that applies to your purchase.

VAT rates on products in the UK

At present, the United Kingdom utilizes three distinct VAT rates: a standard rate set at 20%, a reduced rate of 5%, and a 0% rate. The table below provides a visual representation of how these rates apply to various goods and services.

Standard VAT RateReduced RateZero RateVAT Exempt
Alcoholic drinksCar seats for childrenBicycle and motorcycle helmetsAntiques, works of arts
Taxi faresSanitary protection productseggsPostage stamps
Electrical goodsSmoking cessation productsMeat and poultryInsurance
CDs, DVDsHeating and solid fuelsPublic transport faresMembership subscription
Video games –Newspaper and magazinesBurial /cremation (of humans)
Water(industrial and bottled) – –TV license 
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