5 Best VAT Calculators for the UK

Calculating Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UK can be a daunting task, especially with different rates and regulations. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or simply need to calculate VAT for personal purchases, online calculators can be a lifesaver. Here are five of the best VAT calculators for the UK in 2024:

1. VAT Calculator UK (

This user-friendly website offers a simple yet effective VAT calculator. Enter your price, choose “Add VAT” or “Remove VAT,” and get the result instantly. Its clean interface and lack of additional features make it perfect for quick and easy calculations.

2. FreshBooks VAT Calculator (

FreshBooks, a popular accounting software provider, offers a robust VAT calculator with both basic and advanced features. You can choose from various VAT rates, calculate VAT on multiple items, and even estimate the VAT impact on your business profits.


This comprehensive website provides various VAT tools, including a calculator, rate guide, and informative resources on various VAT-related topics. Their calculator caters to diverse needs, allowing you to handle calculations like VAT on margins, reverse VAT, and VAT on specific goods based on their VAT category.

4. VCO VAT Calculator (

This calculator stands out for its user-friendly interface with clear instructions and automatic updates as you enter values. It also offers a unique “reverse VAT calculator” function, helping you find the net price (excluding VAT) when you only know the price including VAT.

5. Sleek VAT Calculator (

While not yet updated for 2024, Sleek’s VAT calculator remains a valuable resource. It offers basic VAT calculations alongside informative guidance on VAT rates and regulations in the UK. Additionally, their helpful guide on calculating and adding VAT can be beneficial for understanding VAT fundamentals.

Remember, these calculators are helpful tools, but they shouldn’t replace official resources or professional advice for critical business decisions. Always refer to the UK government’s official website ( for the latest VAT rates and regulations, and seek professional guidance for complex VAT matters.


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