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VAT inclusive and VAT exclusive formula

Ever wondered why some prices seem to fluctuate depending on where you look? This can be due to the inclusion or exclusion of Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is a tax levied on consumption, meaning it’s added to the price of most goods and services. Understanding VAT calculations can be crucial for businesses and consumers alike.

This blog post will break down the formulas for VAT inclusive and VAT exclusive prices, making it easier to navigate the world of taxed goods.

VAT Inclusive Price (Gross Price)

This is the price you see most often, which already includes VAT. Here’s the formula to calculate the VAT inclusive price if you know the VAT exclusive price (net price) and the VAT rate:VAT Inclusive Price = Net Price * (1 + VAT Rate / 100)For example, let’s say a product has a net price of €100 and the VAT rate is 20%.VAT Inclusive Price = €100 * (1 + 20 / 100) = €100 * 1.2 = €120The final price you pay for the product will be €120, which includes the €20 VAT.

VAT Exclusive Price (Net Price)

This is the price before VAT is added. Businesses often use this price for internal calculations or B2B transactions. Here’s the formula to find the net price if you know the VAT inclusive price and the VAT rate:Net Price = VAT Inclusive Price / (1 + VAT Rate / 100)Using the same example from before, let’s say the product has a VAT inclusive price of €120 and the VAT rate is 20%.Net Price = €120 / (1 + 20 / 100) = €120 / 1.2 = €100The net price of the product is €100, which excludes the €20 VAT.

Official Resources for VAT

For more information on VAT regulations and calculations, you can refer to the official resources of your country’s tax authority. Here are a few examples:

By understanding these simple formulas, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a VAT whiz! Remember, VAT rates can vary depending on the product or service and your location. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check the VAT rate before making a purchase.Happy shopping (and calculating)!


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